Senate sends massive defense bill for Trump to sign, creating Space Force

Senate sends massive defense bill for Trump to sign, creating Space Force

On Tuesday, the US Senate passed a massive $738bn defense bill which creates President Trump’s Space Force as well as offers fed employees paid family leave of 12 weeks.

The bill now has been sent to the White House for Trump to sign it quickly into law.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly with 86-8 supporting the NDAA (national Authorization Act). Meanwhile, the House supported the NDAA with 377-48 votes previous week.

Through his Twitter handle, Trump tweeted that he would pen down the NDAA as and when it passes, stating that it comprised of all his major priorities.

NDAA sets a pathway for several policy measures and becomes a benchmark for everything starting from deciding which aircraft or ships will be purchased, discontinued or modernized to military pay standards.

The legislation for this year included a 3.1 per cent increase in pay for troops, which is the first paid parental leave ever for the fed workers. It also included the development of one Space Force, which is the first latest US military branch in over 60 years as well as Trump’s topmost military priority.

Notably, the Senate and the House each casted votes for a variant of the bill previously this year. After months of negotiation with White House representatives, the lawmakers finally arrived at a compromise which passed the bill finally.


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