Patients push Ecuador’s government to put into effect law allowing medical cannabis

Patients push Ecuador's government to put into effect law allowing medical cannabis

When Nelly Valbuena witnessed days of insomnia and severe pain in the hips, the university doctor discovered an unexpected cure to help her: CBD.

And now, Valbuena is pressing the government of Ecuador to put the law permitting the use of medical marijuana into effect so that other people suffering from acute illness like her can have a new pain relief option.

The legislature of Ecuador allowed use of medical marijuana comprising lower than 1 per cent of THC in September. Lenin Moreno, the President of Ecuador, had a month with him to veto, however, he did not. And now, the people in the country are waiting eagerly for this new law to come into effect officially.

When the new norm is put into the official register, Ecuador will become the latest Latin American country to approve some kind of medicinal marijuana use. Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru have already permitted the use of medicinal marijuana, allowing the growth of one new industry at an expanding rate and opportunities.

As per Colombian businessman, Alvaro Torres who is the co-founder of Khiron Life Sciences Corporation, there is a great potential for medical marijuana in Latin America due to the 625mn population.


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