Google accused of firing another worker in union-busting drive

Google accused of firing another worker in union-busting drive

Google has been accused of terminating a 5th employee who was believed to have organized one labour union against the company. As per Kathryn Spiers, a member of Google Chrome’s security team, she was terminated for including one pop-up to the firm’s internal browser informing co-workers about their labour related rights. Spiers believes that the search giant has actually overreacted in a discriminatory, egregious and illegal manner.

Spiers, in one of her posts on Medium, says that the firm was forced to publish one list internally recently, showcasing the labour rights employees have. And, to make sure that all the affected workers are aware about the list, Spiers included one pop-up to the firm’s internal browser. Turns out, this is a familiar practice at Google, letting workers share their interests or hobbies with others at the company.

A spokesperson for Google said that the firm had fired a worker who had abused the privileged access for modifying one internal security feature, which is a major violation. The firm added that Spiers circumvented safeguards and asked direct employees for a code review. Additionally, the search giant says that a similar action would have been initiated for any sort of pop-up notification added to internal browser.


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