Congress Authorizes Sanctions On Syria, Iran And Russia

Congress Authorizes Sanctions On Syria, Iran And Russia

On Tuesday, the lawmakers at the Senate passed a $738bn Pentagon budget in one bipartisan vote, which incorporates an authorization to punish new sanctions made on Iran, Russia and Syria for alleged battle crimes taking place in Syria.

The Senate passed 86-6 votes followed by a same bipartisan vote casted in the House previous week.  It was expected for US President Trump to sign and pass the measure quickly.

The Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act 2019 incorporates legislation which authorizes sanctions less than 6 months on the Syria civilian leaders, military, government officials and others deemed accountable for huge atrocities in 8 years of battle.

The sanctions made are extensive and may target the mercenary groups of Russia as well as Iran and the military forces of Syria. International energy firms looking for redevelopment of the oil sector of Syria may be one target and any firm which offers parts for aircrafts, including the helicopters. In fact, even the entities which loan fund to the ongoing regime may be sanctioned.

As per Muna Jondy, an advocate for the Americans for Free Syria, the sanctions made are associated to the accountability for the battle crimes against the civilians.

Jondy hopes that the new sanctions would combat Russian airstrikes which have hit the civilians, with the most recent attack being on the Idlib province.


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