Trump Threatens Iranian Cultural Sites, and Warns of Sanctions on Iraq

Trump Threatens Iranian Cultural Sites, and Warns of Sanctions on Iraq

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump threatened that he shall target the cultural sites of Iran if the country fought back for the killing of top Iranian General. Besides, he also warned that huge sanctions would be imposed on Iraq in case the American officers are pressurized for leaving the country.

In his Twitter post, Trump said that 52 Iranian sites were identified by the US government for retaliation if in case there were some response for Iran to the death of Major General Quassim Suleimani.

Under international laws, such kind of move could be referred to as war crime. However, Trump said on Sunday that he was persistent and undeterred.

Such remarks from Trump came in just a few moments after Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the State, walked back at the tweets made by Trump. According to Pompeo, whatever that’s done in any military battle with Iran shall be under the boundaries of the international law.

Moreover, Trump also seemed fatalistic with regards to the potential of one Iranian escalation.

Meanwhile, in his tweets on Friday, Trump said that the fear of terror from General Suleimani was over as well as spoke about death of hundreds of US people for which Suleimani was responsible.

As per officials, General Suleimani supposedly was involved in the planning of the attacks upon American interests as well as in other nations, a statement which a few government authorities have questioned.


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