Trump Loses It While Trying To Attack John Fetterman And Worries About Going To Jail


In the middle of an attack on John Fetterman, Trump lost it and started worrying about being put in jail.

Video of Trump:

Trump said, “Fetterman is a defunding the police Marxist. Who’s just pulling the wool over people’s eyes, who literally said that if he had a magic wand and could fix one thing. He would end life sentences without parole for murderers, cop killers, rapists, and other monstrous criminals. That’s what he said. He wants them to get out of jail. Get out of jail. Let’s put Trump in jail. Let’s get these murderers, let these murderers out. Put Trump in jail that Trump is no good.”

Trump was trying to attack John Fetterman, but while talking about crime and prison, his mind went off the rails, and America got a glimpse of what the former one-term president was really thinking.

Donald Trump is worried about going to jail for the theft of classified documents and whatever else he could have done with the secrets of the United States that he illegally had in his position.

Trump’s rally did nothing for Republican candidates in Pennsylvania because outside of a few moments, everything was about Donald Trump.

The former president is clearly concerned about getting indicted and convicted, and he let show by talking about being put in jail.


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