Trump Goes On Delusional Rant About Windmills As 2024 Campaign Loses Power


Trump seems to have found his issue for 2024, and it is the scourge of wind power in the United States.

Video of Trump in South Carolina:

Trump said, “We demand windmills be built in our oceans, our prairies, our mountains, our plains only to realize their killing all of our eagles our birds. If you kill a bald eagle, they put you in jail for five years, but the windmills knocked out thousands of them.”

There are so many problems in America right now. The police are killing innocent people each day. The nation is still dealing with inflation. Hundreds of Americans each day are still dying of COVID. Mass shootings have become the norm. There is so much that our government could be doing to carry out the will of the people, but Donald Trump is focused on windmills.

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The failed former president was always out of touch with the majority of Americans, but over the past seven years, he has become lost in his own little bizarre world or complaining about light bulbs, toilets, and windmills.

Trump version 2024 is a killing machine that is out to destroy any hopes of Republicans victory in the next presidential election.

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