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After the 1/6 Committee made a criminal referral to the DOJ for Donald Trump to face four criminal charges, right-wing media is not rushing to defend him.

Video of NBC News’s Ben Collins:

Collins said on MSNBC when asked about the right-wing media’s reaction to the Trump criminal referrals:

There is no Donald Trump on Infowars home page. It is simply not there. And I will say this is not the usual reaction in these spaces. Usually, rally the troops and usually find someone to bully or target. Not right now. Even on this place called The Donald, the biggest pro-Trump forum on the internet, they’re not talking about this.

They’re not talking about this at all. They’re talking about Hunter Biden right now and Twitter and stuff like that. I’m not saying that the utility for Donald Trump has worn off in these circles but I am saying the number one priority right now is not defending this guy.

It could be an ignore it and it will go away mentality, but right-wing media, especially those that support Trump, has never behaved this way. No mounted pushback to defend the former president suggests that Trump is no longer at the same priority level as he used to be.

It is too early to suggest that conservative media is moving on from Trump, but the reaction is different. If the criminal referrals generate continued indifference, it could be a sign that the game is over for Trump.

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