The Lincoln Project Calls House GOP MAGA America’s Taliban


The Lincoln Project said that the week of House Republican dysfunction proves that MAGA is America’s Taliban.

The Lincoln Project said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

When we released this ad in November, we told you there would be no compromise with the Ultra-MAGA if they won. This week they showed a willingness to take the nation hostage to further their own corrupt ambitions. 

The MAGA movement is the American version of the Taliban. Like the Taliban, MAGA embraces violence and threats to attain power. 

They aren’t interested in policy debates or real governance, only implementing their culture war to roll back individual rights, crush dissent, eliminate fair elections, and destroy our democratic institutions.

Watch the ad that The Lincoln Project was referring to:

The Lincoln Project is correct. The past week has demonstrated that Republicans don’t care about governing in the House. They are all about chaos and the wrecking of democracy. They hate democratic institutions so much that they couldn’t elect their own Speaker of the House.

The American people were warned, and they did a great job of rising to the challenge. Some better organization in New York might have saved the House majority, but it didn’t work out that way, so the House Republican majority will be a real-life commercial for MAGA’s desire to destroy democracy.

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