Ron DeSantis Wants Congress To Investigate Apple If Kick Twitter Off The App Store


It appears that Ron DeSantis insists that Musk has the right to do whatever he wants with Twitter, but Apple, on the other hand, should be controlled by Congress if it decides to kick Twitter off the App Store:

“These [coronavirus] experts were wrong, and you had people on Twitter that were calling that out and Twitter, the old regime and Twitter, their response was to try to just suffocate the dissent, and Elon Musk knows that’s not a winning formula.

“He’s providing free speech, and so if Apple responds to that by nuking them from the App Store, you know, I think that would be a huge, huge mistake.

“And it would be a really raw exercise of monopolistic power that I think would merit a response from the United States Congress.”

Ron DeSantis (Video Below)

First, almost as an aside, when were the COVID experts “wrong”? Did the horse-paste people have it right? And yes, during a torrid epidemic that has killed over one million Americans, the last 600K or so, almost all unvaxxed, Twitter did decide that it had a responsibility to try to keep harmful information off its site. Given that it’s a private company… that’s a problem because why?

If Apple pulls Twitter from the App store, it will be over hate speech and disinformation, which is its right. Musk doesn’t have to tolerate everything. He just chooses to. Now he might have a choice to make.

If Ron DeSantis wants to look at Apple and the Android App store as a duopoly, that sounds good. And drag Facebook, Google, YouTube, and a lot of others into the anti-Trust division and smash them all into 40 different companies with compatible software, just as was done with Bell Telephone and Standard Oil behind it.

But to have Congress act to protect the “free speech” of people engaging in hate speech or dangerous disinformation, that would be… not capitalism. That would be the biggest of big government. That would conjure up Russia. Actually, if you look at how Ron DeSantis controls Florida, it conjures up Russia.

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