Ridiculous Lauren Boebert Claims Freedom Convoy is “Representative of a People’s Yearning for Freedom”


Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) once again defended the Freedom Convoy, the ongoing protest led by Canadian truckers who’ve pushed back against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The convoy has continued to garner headlines amid concerns that organizers and groups have been involved with white nationalist contingents, QAnon, and other far-right groups.

Boebert made the bold claim that the Freedom Convoy “is representative of a people’s yearning for freedom – something so many thought may have been all but lost to decadence.”

“I’m glad to see the will to fight for liberty is still alive and well!” she said sarcastically.

Boebert’s remarks came a day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated emergency powers to end demonstrations that had shut down United States border crossings and heightened tensions in the capital of Ottawa.

“The blockades are harming our economy and endangering public safety,” Trudeau told a news conference. “We cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue.”

The rarely-used emergency powers are “intended to cut off protesters’ funding and took steps to reinforce provincial and local law enforcement with federal police,” according to Reuters.

Boebert also defended the Freedom Convoy last week, accusing the American government of being “pissed off at truckers for supposedly affecting people’s ability to earn a living.”

“Did they forget they’ve been doing that the past two years? ” she added, referring to ongoing pandemic-related restrictions.

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