Rep. Ronny Jackson Attacks Biden In Total Lie Filled MLK Day Meltdown


Rep. Ronny Jackson, who is most well known as Trump’s former doctor with an alcohol problem, was triggered by MLK Day.

Ronny Jackson’s Tweets Were Filled With Lies

Rep. Jackson tweeted:

Nothing That Rep. Jackson Tweeted Was True

There was nothing in Jackson’s tweets that was true. Biden never labeled parents terrorists, and Biden made it clear the motive of the synagogue hostage situation, and no, Joe Biden doesn’t treat terrorists better than parents.

In his second tweet, Jackson claimed that illegal immigrants could vote and access healthcare. Neither of these points is valid, and only citizens can vote, and non-citizens are restricted from COVID aid and government health insurance programs.

As a member of Congress, Rep. Jackson should know this, and if he doesn’t, he should not be in Congress.

Martin Luther King Day is a triggering event for Trump and his elected supporters in the Republican Party.

Ronny Jackson went into quite a tailspin on Twitter, but this is becoming the norm because Republicans use the holiday to let their racist flag fly.

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