Rep. Katie Porter Gets Emotional And Wakes Democrats Up On Grocery Prices


“Too often, Congress recognizes issues too late,” Porter, a top GOP target this fall in a swing district, said in an interview. “I had a colleague mention to me, ‘We’re not seeing it in the polls’ … Well, you don’t know what to ask.”

Democrats Need To Stop Listening To Polls And Start Talking To People

President Biden doesn’t need to see a poll to understand that high inflation is causing pain to voters. One shouldn’t need a poll to understand that people are hurting.

The reason why Democrats lose elections that revolve around emotional messaging is that too many of them still believe that facts will carry the day with voters, while they ignore the reality that the media doesn’t care about their facts, and that if people don’t feel like their lives match up with the facts, they will vote based on feelings, and Republicans do a much better job with emotional appeals than Democrats.

Rep. Katie Porter gave Democrats a wake-up call, and the fact that they didn’t understand is indicative of a legislative branch that contains far too many out-of-touch millionaires in both parties making decisions about issues that they can’t relate to.

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