Rep. Jamie Raskin Obliterates Peter Navarro And Boldly Defends Democracy


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) spoke for a nation as he obliterated coup plotter Peter Navarro.


Rep. Raskin said at the 1/6 Committee’s vote on charging Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino with criminal contempt:

Please spare us the nonsense talk about executive privilege rejected now by every court that has looked at it. This is America. There is no executive privilege here for presidents much less trade advisors to plot coups and organize insurrections against the people’s government and the people’s constitution and then to cover up the evidence of their crimes.

The courts are not buying it and neither are we. He insists on adding only insult to contempt more than a year after Biden beat Trump by more than 7 million votes and Peter Navarro continues to spread the big lie that trump won and he said “Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this election was stolen.”.

He brags about his work with Steve Bannon to apply pressure to vice president Pence to do the wrong thing and he tells the complete story in his book, in Trump Time, and in his three-part report which was made up of titles like the immaculate deception and the art of the steel of how they tried to get vice president Pence to abandon his constitutional duties and forced the contest into a contingent presidential election under the 12th Amendment under the House of Representatives.

He goes on Steve and it’s — Bannon’s podcast. A year after the election was over, if they want an — insurrection and they keep pushing it they will push the American people over the edge. 

The American people opposed the January 6 insurrection, and the American people oppose future insurrections and coups against our government. We are fighting to defend the institutions and values of democracy at home against coup plotters and insurrectionists, and we support other democracies around the world under siege by autocrats and kleptocrats. We are on the side of the people of Ukraine and against Vladimir Putin who is not a genius but a mass murderer and we stand strong on the side of democracy, freedom, the constitution, and the rule of law against people who smashed our police officers in the face with confederate battle flags and tried to cancel out the results of our presidential election. 

These two men are in contempt of Congress, and we must fight them both for their brazen disregard of their duties and for our laws and institutions.

Navarro is bragging about his crimes. The Trump coup plotters aren’t showing remorse. They are siding with Putin and letting the nation know that if they get another chance, they plan on trying to destroy democracy again.

There is something bigger at stake in the 1/6 investigation than getting to the truth.

The 1/6 investigation is also about protecting democracy and those accountable who wish to destroy it.

Rep. Raskin spoke for the vast majority of the nation as he made it clear that the 1/6 Committee is defending democracy.

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