Outraged George Santos Constituents Promise To Make His Life A Nightmare Until He Resigns


Constituents gathered outside of the alleged Queens, NY office of Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and promised to make his life a nightmare until he resigns.

One of the speakers said that Santos believes, “that he will weather the storm, and these two years will be a cakewalk. I’m here to remind you, George, that will make every single day in this district a living nightmare until you find us….George Santos we know doesn’t live here, but what George Santos doesn’t know is that Long Islanders don’t give up that easy. We’re not just going to roll over and accept the fact that our congressman is a conman, a liar and a fraud. We don’t give up that easy, and we’ll continue to join as Republicans and Democrats together to hold him accountable to call him out and make every single day a living nightmare until he does the right thing and resigns.”

George Santos’s constituents are doing what Speaker Kevin McCarthy refuses to do. They are pressuring Santos to resign. McCarthy won’t take a stand and refuse to seat Santos on committees because he needs his vote. If McCarthy told Santos to hit the bricks and denied him committee assignments, he might lose 25% of his House majority.

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People in Santos’s district are angry because they have been defrauded, and if House Republicans won’t take action, they will.



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