Mike Gibbons Calls Josh Mandel Unhinged After He Tried To Fight Him At Ohio Debate


The Mike Gibbons campaign called Josh Mandel unhinged and unfit after he tried to fight his fellow Republican Senate candidate at an Ohio debate.

The Gibbons campaign said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

“Josh Mandel is unhinged, unfit, and flailing – because he’s losing. He is only a professional at one thing: running for office. He is hellbent on lying because he is failing. He doesn’t have the temperament, experience, or fortitude to be a U.S. Senator, and Ohio voters got a first hand look at just how unprepared Josh Mandel has become and that will be reflected on the ballot on May 3,” stated spokesperson Samantha Cotten.

We can’t leave this race to child-like candidates. We need an adult in the room, and Josh Mandel has proven that he is not capable of being that for Ohioans. 

In a Republican Party that cheered on Donald Trump’s insults, childish behavior, and theatrics, it will be interesting to see how Ohio voters react to Mandel’s outburst during the debate.

If Republican voters in Ohio were not impressed by his tough-guy act, it could mean the end of Josh Mandel’s Senate campaign.

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