Maxwell Frost Is Poised To Be The First Gen Z Member Of Congress After Winning FL-10 Primary


Democrat Maxwell Frost looks like he will become the first Gen Z member of Congress as he won the primary for Val Demings’s open House seat in Florida.

Maxwell Frost Wins Florida House Primary

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report tweeted:

2022 is the first election cycle in 16 years that Millennials aren’t the youngest age group eligible to run. Frost’s generation was shaped by events like Occupy Wall Street and the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Frost told NPR, “Our generation has been born into a lot of trauma and a lot of civil unrest around people being frustrated with things. And I think because of that, our generation naturally thinks about things in a bit of a different way.”

Frost was endorsed by Bernie Sanders and is a former national organizing director for March For Our Lives.

His primary victory represents a generational change in American politics. Congressional leadership and the presidency remain in the hands of elder Americans, but younger generations are arriving in Washington.

Frost is running on a platform of social, racial, and economic justice. As the Republican howls of socialism increasingly ring hollow with voters, people like Maxwell Frost are the types of future members of Congress who can work together to bring about progress and change.

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