Maggie Haberman Get Outed As A Trump Friendly And CNN Ignores It


CNN had Maggie Haberman on to discuss the 1/6 Committee report and never asked her about the fact that testimony to the committee revealed her to be a ‘Trump-friendly.”

Here was Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the 1/6 Committee:

Video of Haberman on CNN on Friday:

Haberman made it clear where she stood when she refused to call Donald Trump a racist.

Maggie Haberman’s career is built on access to Trump. Without inside info from Trump and his inner circle, she has no purpose in journalism.

Haberman has either sold herself out to Trump, or she is practicing the worst kind of access journalism, where she has agreed to be Trump-friendly in exchange for the sort of inside information that has allowed her to get rich off of covering Trump.

If those close to Trump regard Haberman as friendly, her reporting should be treated with a skeptical eye. It is stunning that so many in the American left and center don’t understand that corporate media figures like Maggie Haberman are sympathetic to Trump and other Republicans.

The corporate media isn’t neutral. They don’t care about facts. The corporate media’s priority is profits.

Maggie Haberman is a Trump-friendly in the media, and instead of asking her about this claim in the 1l6 Committee testimony transcript, CNN ignored it because being Trump-friendly is part of the corporate media business model.


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