Kari Lake Is Asking People To Break The Law For Her


Trump encouraged people to do things for him that constituted a crime, lie to officials, refuse to answer a subpoena, attack the Capitol, but he never asked a MAGA with the courage to “break the law for me” and leave it up to the courageous fanatic to choose how to break the law. But Kari Lake would. We will join her midway in her rant on Steve Bannon’s show. (Video below)

And nobody believes the outcome of this election. And that is the problem. Take this election out of it. How do we move forward as a state and a country if nobody believes in the elections?

“And that’s why I’ve been saying it for a year and a half or two years now. We have a problem in our elections and we can’t have dishonest elections or elections that the public views to be dishonest going forward.

I wish that somebody would say,You know what? Arrest me, then. I don’t care.’ We need people with courage to say, ‘Class what felony? Go ahead, go for it, arrest me.’ Because this is a botched election.‘” 

She wants to be head of Arizona’s executive branch, the branch that enforces the law, and she says that she wants someone to say, “Class what felony, Go ahead, go for it, Arrest me” as the means to get that position? That doesn’t sound like a great way to preserve a government of laws, not men, “a  Republic, if you can keep it,” and a democracy. That last one should be emphasized because a lot of county supervisors have met and unanimously certified the election. And despite what Lake says, Arizona isn’t overrun with protests. Most Arizonans believe in the outcome of the election.

But what were we to expect from a woman who let everyone know that she would do this if she lost? When asked if she would accept the results, she said she was going to win, and she would accept those results, asked again, and the same answer. She was always going to claim a “botched election” if she lost, and she always claimed that the fate of the world rested in electing her governor of Arizona.

Trumpier than Trump? There is one governor in Florida that might already fit that definition, and a close call in Arizona. Now she’ll campaign to be Trump’s Vice President which is perfect. Two losers running on the same ticket, and they’ll only accept the election when they win.


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