John Fetterman Proves He Is The Right Choice For Pennsylvania In Joy Reid Interview


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) showed that he is the right choice to be Pennsylvania’s next senator during an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Video of Fetterman talking about if his stoke recovery would impact his ability to do his job as a senator:

Fetterman said, ” All of our doctors believe we’re absolutely ready to be fit to be serving. And one of the things we always remind everybody is that by January, I would be much better. But Oz will still be a fraud. And you know, I rely on the judgment, on real doctors, not a fake doctor like Dr. Oz who spent his entire campaign ridiculing and counting how many words I might miss, and again, I acknowledge that of course, any debate is (not) going to be easy for somebody in recovery. And we wanted — thought it was important to be there, and we showed up. And getting knocked down, I always got back up. And to me, that’s really the essence of our campaign. We’re running for any Pennsylvanian who got knocked down that has to get back up. That’s what we’re running on. ”

Fetterman also talked about Oz’s position on abortion:

Fetterman said, “It’s very critical, and it’s been very motivating. And actually to hear Dr. Oz speak about what he really believes about abortion, and the fact that it should be made by local political officials like Doug Mastriano is alarming and the fact that people realize what he believes and the kind of vote he would make if he was in the Senate. You can’t afford to give a clown a vote on Roe v. Wade. And he celebrated when Roe v. Wade fell, and this was really true point where he mentioned just what he actually believes about abortion, and he believes that the choice belongs with people like himself or Doug Mastriano and does not lean with women and their real doctors.”

Fetterman also said that if he was in the US Senate, he would vote against Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban legislation.

John Fetterman made it clear to Pennsylvania voters that he is the obvious choice to represent them in the US Senate. He hasn’t dodged questions. The Lt. Governor hasn’t hidden the recovery from his stroke. Fetterman doesn’t try to sell Pennsylvania’s voters himself like he is an untested supplement.

Fetterman is real and authentic, and he demonstrated in his interview with Joy Reid his fitness for the United States Senate.


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