Jamie Raskin Shatters The GOP Argument On Biden Classified Docs With 1 Point


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) wrecked the GOP argument on Biden and classified documents by pointing out that President Biden isn’t an insurrectionist who tried to overthrow the government.

Video of Rep. Raskin:

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: Now, we learned the President Biden had roughly 20 classified documents, including some marked top secret in three different locations.

By Biden’s own standard, wasn’t Biden totally irresponsible with classified information? And aren’t we right to wonder, to use Biden’s words — quote — “what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods”?

RASKIN: Well, and I think we will get to the bottom of all of that. I mean, that’s why a special counsel has been appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland. He did the right thing there to look into it.

I’m hoping that we will keep a sense of symmetry about our analysis of these situations and a sense of proportion about the underlying offenses. There are some people who are trying to compare having a government document that should no longer be in your possession to inciting a violent insurrection against the government of the United States.

And those are obviously completely different things. That’s apples and oranges. So, we should keep a sense of proportion and measure about what we’re talking about.

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As much as Republicans want the two situations to be the same, they are night and day
different. Joe Biden isn’t an insurrectionist who attempted to overthrow the government while on the take from dozens of foreign governments, many of which are hostile to the United States.

President Biden isn’t a threat to national security.

Donald Trump has proven that he is a danger to the country and was showing off classified documents at his private club.

The appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Biden situation has already paid off for the President and his party because the Republican argument has chanced from asking for a special counsel to demanding fairness.

Democrats also want fairness in the process because they are confident that there is a strong possibility that Joe Biden didn’t break the law and Donald Trump did.

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