It’s Time To Pivot And Punch


Former Sen. Claire McCaskill told Democrats not to waste time figuring out what went wrong in Virginia, but that it is time to pivot and punch.


McCaskill said on MSNBC:

 And here’s what I’m most afraid of. I am begging my friends in the United States Senate, I’m begging all the Democrats on Capitol Hill, do not spend days or minutes even trying to blame someone for what happened tonight. Whose fault was it? Why weren’t the bills signed? Could Joe Biden have done more?

It’s time to pivot and punch.

They got a deal today on reducing prescription drug prices in this country that will be huge. They are on the precipice of passing legislation. Forget about the top number. Look at what it’s going to do for women in this country, especially women with children that need child care, that want universal pre-k. And I think we have an opportunity to turn this around for next fall but not if we spend the next three weeks or month trying to figure out who to blame.

Republicans are fighting a culture war. It is time for Democrats to stop screwing around and go on the attack.

Forget Virginia. The election is done.

It is more important to keep control of Congress than it is to win an off-off-year gubernatorial election.

Instead of sniping at each other, it is time for Democrats to punch back.

Glenn Youngkin will serve his one term and Virginia will be blue again. He doesn’t matter. Democrats need to learn from the Virginia election and go on offense.

Claire McCaskill was correct. It is time to pivot and punch.


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