Glenn Youngkin Is Running Scared As He Refuses To Participate In Trump Virginia Tele Town Hall


Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is so afraid of being seen with Trump in any way that he will not participate in a virtual town hall.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted:

Youngkin is terrified of being seen with Trump. He made it clear that he accepts Trump’s endorsement but doesn’t want to be seen or associated with the toxic 1/6 coup mastermind before the election.

Glenn Youngkin is trying to pull off a complicated tightrope walk where he gets Trump’s voters without Trump. Since Trump arrived on the national political scene, no Republican candidate has been able to pull this off.

The Trump stank is too intense. If a Republican previously hadn’t stood with Trump, they would be punished at the polls.

For all of the Republican excitement about the polls in Virginia, there is one key fact suggesting that Democrats could still, and maybe are, slightly favored to win. Youngkin has yet to build a lead in any objective poll. If this race is close on election day, Virginia’s blue lean may put McAuliffe over the top.

Glenn Youngkin has made it official. He is so scared of Trump contaminating his campaign and sinking his chances of victory that he won’t even appear virtually with the twice impeached failed former one-term president.


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