Fox News’s Steve Doocy Drills Marco Rubio About Top Secret Files


When it comes to reporting on Donald Trump’s possible criminal behavior, Fox News has not been a monolith. On the one hand, you have Jessie Watters talking about the FBI helping Biden rig the 2020 election and raid his political enemy, and on the other hand you have Brett Baier and Steve Doocy. You especially have Steve Doocy, who seems personally offended by Trump’s actions and has blasted all MAGA attempts to lessen the severity of the issue or provide Trump ridiculous cover.

Today, while interviewing Marco Rubio, who previously called this matter a “storage issue,” Doocy said:

“You can understand why when you first heard about this stuff, you heard, well, maybe it’s things like a note from Kim Jong-un to President Trump. But then, if true, this Washington Post report, highly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago that only a cabinet-level officer or higher could even look at!

“That doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you should have in your post-presidential desk drawer.”

Rubio, who is leading Val Demmings by a mere 2% in the last poll, answered in MAGA, which Rubio speaks fluently after seven years of study:

“We really don’t know because let’s go back and understand that all of this information is coming from one side and one place. And that is sources with knowledge of the investigation. Well, who are the sources with knowledge of the investigation? The FBI and the Justice Department and they are leaking to the media.”

Rubio then said that he is skeptical because he thinks it could be about “politics” in a long-winded winding answer that took us through the Gang of Eight, a letter to secure this stuff properly, a whine that normally the FBI doesn’t even notify people of investigations, and on and on, for almost a full two minutes, ending up saying that he believes all of this is hurting the FBI and DOJ. No, only his answer is hurting the FBI and DOJ.

But let’s acknowledge that is perfect MAGA. Yes, all this information is coming from one side and one place. It’s coming from the “side” that walked into one place, Mar-a-Lago, and that side picked up Top-Secret/SCI documents. They are leaking because that’s how a “side” (Let’s call that side “the United States”) prepares its citizens for actions coming down the road when people like Marco Rubio are calling it a “storage problem.” The “United States” side has a year’s worth of correspondence begging that Trump give the documents back so it wouldn’t be a problem, never mind a political one.

But in reviewing Steve Doocy’s question, it is obvious that Doocy doesn’t share Marco Rubio’s beliefs or doubts. First, Steve Doocy doesn’t break this down as something said by “bad guys” on the “one side.” Doocy says the documents were there, accepting the fact that there is no “side.” Period. Doocy then noted a topic that Rubio avoided entirely. These documents aren’t supposed to be there!  Rubio also avoided the fact that these aren’t just “any” secret documents. They involve military defense, not letters to Kim Jung-un. Clearly, Doocy doesn’t see this as political. He finds it disturbing and wants answers, ones spoken in English and not a Floridian dialect of raw MAGA. Doocy isn’t going to get that answer from Rubio.

Of course, Doocy isn’t running against Val Dennings. But he is at Fox, and it’s always a bit dangerous to say or even imply that “the MAGA movement leader has no innocent reason for holding these documents.” And yet, Doocy and Baier have been taking that position for weeks now.


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