DeJoy Handcuffed As Biden Signs Bill To Save The Postal Service


Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s hands have been tied in key areas after President Biden signed the bill to save the USPS.

Video of Biden signing the bill:

The President said in remarks before signing the Postal Service Reform Act into law:

We are guaranteeing that the mail will continue to be delivered six days a week. And the bill increases transparency by requiring the postal service to develop online public dashboards. Updated weekly with local and national service performance data. You will be able to see in real time how well the postal service is delivering for you and for your community. And this bill streamlines healthcare for postal workers as well. 

They deliver for us through rain and snow and sleet and we’re making sure that the healthcare they need will be there for them as well. Finally, this bill will allow the postal service to partner with state and local and tribal governments to offer valuable and helpful non-postal services to the public. Imagine the trip to the post office where you can pick up your bus pass for your hunting license or fishing license. Of course, there are more areas where we would want to see the postal service. For example, it needs to do more to modernize and electrify its suite of vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

We’re going to do that. I will continue to fight for these commonsense improvements. But, today, we enshrined into law our recognition that the postal service is fundamental to our economy, democracy, health, and the very sense of who we are as a nation. In this bill, this bill recognizes the postal service is a public service. We are ensuring that it can continue to serve all Americans for generations to come.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has been dreaming of cutting mail delivery days for years. The law that President Biden signed means that one of his major goals of destroying the USPS is not going to happen.

Now that the absurd requirement that the postal service prefund retiree benefits for 75 years in advance has been lifted, the USPS should be profitable, which takes away DeJoy’s pretext for cuts.

The Postal Service Reform Act is historic, but there is more to be done. The USPS can be modernized and made even more essential to US communities.

Trump installed Louis DeJoy to destroy the Postal Service. Instead, President Biden and Congress have saved it for generations to come.

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