Chinese human rights group slams money power in U.S. politics

Chinese human rights group slams money power in U.S. politics

In a study, a Chinese human rights group says that the impact of money across Washington DC is actually the primary cause for severe divisions prevalent in the American society and the political system of the US.

In the study, the government-organized China Society for Human Rights Studies maintains that the influence made by the well-off individuals in the US has caused a decline on the influence of a common person on politics.

The Chinese analysts cite the major costs needed to stage one political campaign across the US as well as an increase in contributions of dark money to both the key United States political parties.

As per the authors of the study, since the start of 21st century, there has been an increase in election costs for presidential candidates belonging to both Democratic and Republican parties, from $700mn in 2004 till $2bn in 2012. In fact, a total of $6.6bn was spent towards election costs in 2016 for both congressional and presidential elections. This is the most exorbitant political election ever in the history of the US.

The group further argues that the situation currently is an inevitable outcome of capitalism because the expensive process virtually doesn’t count potential candidates belonging to the common society.


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