California could launch its own generic prescription drug label

California could launch its own generic prescription drug label

There is a possibility of California becoming the first US state having its own generic prescription medicine label under one proposal unveiled by Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday.

Newsom wants the state to contract along with the generic medicine firms to develop prescription drugs in its behalf so that it can sell them across to the general public. As per the Governor’s office, the aim of this move is to reduce prices by boosting competition across generic market.

In a statement, Newsom said that health care costs are just too high and California is battling back. Here, a best example might be the insulin used for the diabetes patients. This drug has stayed in the market for many years and has increased in cost steadily. There are 3 drug firms which control majority of the generic market when it comes to insulin.

If California manufactures the much-required generic drugs such as insulin then the consumers would be able to benefit a lot directly, said Health Access California’s executive director, Anthony Wright.

The state lawmakers should approve the new proposal before it can come into effect. The plan is a part of the Governor’s upcoming budget proposal that he should present to California Legislature.


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