Biden Was Responsible, Presidential, And The Opposite Of Trump In First News Conference


President Biden drew praise for his first solo news conference where he was honest, responsible, presidential, and the opposite of Trump.

PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor tweeted:

Joe Biden Restored The Presidency With One Press Conference

The news conference went for two hours, but in that time, Biden put the nonsense claims of the right about his cognitive abilities to rest. Biden took questions from all across the spectrum, and he was respectful to the questioners, and he gave answers.

Joe Biden didn’t get angry and insult journalists. The President didn’t belittle anyone. He didn’t go off on crazy conspiracy theories or storm off when the questions got too hard. Joe Biden didn’t blame everyone else. He didn’t promote conspiracy theories and quack cures for COVID.

Biden didn’t bring his pillow salesmen pals on stage.

He showed that his shoulders were more than big enough to carry the load of the most important job in the world.

Biden was a president. His press conference demonstrated how a president acts and how far the United States had fallen as it had placed the levers of power in the hands of a demagogue clown.

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