Biden, Sanders neck-and-neck in new 2020 Democratic race poll

Biden, Sanders neck-and-neck in new 2020 Democratic race poll

With just 3 days left for the upcoming Democratic presidential election debate, a latest national poll now hints that Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden are leading above the remaining White House candidates.

The NPR/ Marist/ PBSNewsHour poll, conducted between December 9 and 11, was released on Monday. As per the poll, Sanders, the famous Senator from Vermont stands at 22% while Biden, who has stayed on the top position almost in each national poll even before he announced his candidacy this April, is at 22%. Biden’s minor 2 point difference is under the sampling error of the survey.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is another topmost contender, registers at 17%. Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg, Indiana Mayor, stands at 13% support.

As per the poll, Andrew Yank, tech entrepreneur stands at 5%, with Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Cory Booker of NJ at 4% support. Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado register at 1%. All other candidates registered lower than 1% each.

Though Sanders and Biden’s numbers are basically the same when compared to the last survey conducted by Fox News, the support for Warren, however, has dropped by 8%.


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