Biden And Democrats Look Unstoppable As Inflation Reduction Act Agreement Announced


The Democrats and President Biden continued their incredible string of achievements as Majority Leader Schumer announced an agreement on the Inflation Reduction Act.

Majority Leader Schumer said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

I am pleased to report that we have reached an agreement on the Inflation Reduction Act that I believe will receive the support of the entire Senate Democratic conference. I have had many productive discussions with members of our conference over the past three days and we have addressed a number of important issues they have raised. 

The agreement preserves the major components of the Inflation Reduction Act, including reducing prescription drug costs, fighting climate change, closing tax loopholes exploited by big corporations and the wealthy, and reducing the deficit by $300 billion. The final version of the Reconciliation bill, to be introduced on Saturday, will reflect this work and put us one step closer to enacting this historic legislation into law.

Here is a list of Biden’s major accomplishments:

Democrats went from appearing to not be able to overcome a 50/50 Senate to rattling off big accomplishment after big accomplishment. Democrats have done things that the nation has supported for decades. Democrats saved the USPS, pass gun reform, and will pass a bill to lower prescription drug prices.

A change in strategy from trying to shoot for the stars with their legislation to understanding the realities of the 50/50 Senate and getting things done has resulted in an impressive list of accomplishments over the last few months.

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act will mean Democrats have delivered and now have an impressive agenda to run on in November.

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