Adam Kinzinger Is Holding Ted Cruz Accountable For Lies About Paul Pelosi Attacker


Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger is making sure that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is being held accountable for his lies about the Paul Pelosi attacker motivations, and Cruz doesn’t like it.

Kinzinger first made a request on Twitter when the Pelosi attack video was released:

The Seattle Times put together a list, which Kinzinger retweeted:

Ted Cruz responded by blowing his top and continuing to deny that Pelosi attacker was MAGA:

Kinzinger responded with evidence from the attacker himself:

As my colleague Sarah Jones wrote in PoliticusUSA’s newsletter The Daily, “Now we are here; a place where even when flat out caught in a scurrilous lie that did great damage and emotional harm, they are not only not ashamed or even sorry, but see it as an opportunity to drive the knife in further.”

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Ted Cruz was wrong and remains wrong. The Paul Pelosi attacker was radicalized by MAGA. He wasn’t some leftist hippie as the Republican talking point claims.

More people should be more like Adam Kinzinger and not let Republicans like Cruz off the hook. The fact that Cruz continues to stick to the false story that the Paul Pelosi attacker was not influenced by MAGA shows that he and other Republicans have yet to feel consequences or be held accountable for their dangerous lies.

Public accountability has to start somewhere, and Adam Kinzinger is demonstrating how it can be done.

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