95% Of US Job Growth Came Under Democrats Since 1989


One of the biggest false narratives in American politics is that Republicans create jobs. 95% of the nation’s job growth has happened under Democrats since 1989.

The liberal think tank NDN put the data together:

33.8m jobs – 16 years of Clinton, Obama

7.4m jobs – 13 months of Biden

1.9m jobs – 16 years of Bush, Bush, and Trump

Biden’s 7.4m jobs is already almost 4 times as many jobs as were created in the 16 years of the last 3 Republican Presidencies combined.  It is also millions more than were created in the entirety of any of their three individual Presidencies.  Many millions more.  Since 1989 and the end of the Cold War, the US has seen 43 million new jobs created.  Remarkably 41 million of those 43 million were created under Democratic Presidents, 95%

And look at the jobs created per month over these Presidencies – Rs at just 10k per month over 16 years.  Biden is running at more than 50 times that so far.  Yes, more than 50x.  

Studies going back 75 years have found that Democrats create more jobs than Republicans.

Democrats create jobs, and Republicans destroy them with tax cuts for the rich and recessions. The last two Republican presidents have overseen the greatest economic collapses since the Great Depression. The last three Republican presidents have all had recessions.

The idea that Republicans are fiscally responsible job creators is a political myth that simply will not die.

The real job creators and middle-class tax-cutters are Democrats.

Democratic presidents equal prosperity. Republicans bring nothing but pain to everyone who is not in the top 1%.

It is time for Democrats to set the record straight and make sure that voters know that voting Republican is a recipe for economic destruction.

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