9 Trump Lawyers Smacked Down With $175,000 In Sanctions For Bogus Election Lawsuits


Nine Trump-supporting lawyers were sanctioned $175,000 for abusing the court system by filing bogus election lawsuits.

The AP reported:

Nine lawyers allied with former President Donald Trump were ordered Thursday to pay Detroit and Michigan a total of $175,000 in sanctions for abusing the court system with a sham lawsuit challenging the 2020 election results.

The money, which must be paid within 30 days, will cover the legal costs of defending against the suit, which were more than $153,000 for the city and nearly $22,000 for the state.

Judges around the country have been unloading on Trump lawyers for their frivolous and bogus lawsuits challenging the 2020 election.

The legal system’s exasperation with Trump’s abuse can also be seen in the quick way in which the courts have handled Trump’s claim of executive privilege. The appeals court looks unlikely to rule in favor of Trump, which means that in roughly a month, the failed former one-term president will have exhausted his legal avenues outside of the Supreme Court.

The judicial system has clearly had enough of the Trumpian abuse, which is why the judge in Michigan threw the book at the nine Republican attorneys.

The most effective way to end these antics is to hit these lawyers right in the wallet.

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