1/6 Committee Is Investigating If Domestic Terrorists And Foreign Governments Funded Trump’s Coup


The 1/6 Committee has investigators looking into the funding sources for Trump’s Stop The Steal rallies to see if the money came from domestic terrorists or foreign governments.

CNN reported:

The Democratic-led panel is focused in part on understanding how event organizers and vendors were paid, and how the two rallies were funded, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation, including some who have been interviewed by the committee. Investigators also want to know if any funding came from domestic extremists or foreign sources, sources say.

Where Did The Money For Trump’s Coup Come From?

Millions of dollars were spent on the coup plot to keep Trump in power. The question is who paid for it? It is known that the Trump campaign spent millions of dollars organizing the DC rally/terrorist staging area on 1/6. Who paid for all of the other activities? Where did the money come from for the satellite rallies?

Since Trump has a long history of taking money from foreign banks and governments, it is common sense to follow the 1/6 cash. There could be no greater act of democracy destabilization in the United States than funding Trump’s coup.

The 1/6 Committee might be set to uncover some of the darkest secrets of the Republican Party.

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