Woman performs oral sex on armed robber holding up petrol station to detain him until police arrive and arrest him


A WOMAN reportedly performed a sex act on a petrol station robber to distract him until cops turned up.

The thief entered the petrol station in the city of Bratislava late at night and forced the sales assistant to open the till then took cash from it.

The attempted robbery took place at this petrol station


The attempted robbery took place at this petrol stationCredit: Google

The 24-year-old Serb then left after punching the assistant, who then went to the back office and called the police.

The robber then followed and demanded cash from the safe at which point a mysterious woman entered the office, Noviny.sk reports.

The woman then decided to stop the robber with what was described as an “unusual method”.

Cops arrived to find the 36-year-old Czech woman and the robber half naked and lying on the ground.

After a brief struggle with the officers, the thief was arrested and taken to a police station during Tuesday night’s incident.

At the end of last year a woman reportedly bit off an armed robber’s penis after he allegedly broke into her room and forced her to perform oral sex.

Emmanuel Ankron, 23, had been accused of raping the 24-year-old woman after he turned up at hospital covered in blood in Ghana.

The woman told police she woke to find a man breaking into her room while holding a sword at 2.30am.

Woman bites off penis of alleged rapist during armed robbery in Obuasi, Ghana