Watch Chuck Todd Stop Rep. Nancy Mace As She Lies About Trump Classified Docs


Rep. Nancy Pace tried to claim that everyone knew where Trump’s stolen classified documents were, but Chuck Todd stopped her and delivered the facts.


Pace said, “There is very little information about Biden. These documents were hidden for five years. We have very little information. Whereas with the former president, everybody knows that those documents existed. They knew where they were, where they were located.”

Todd stopped her and said, “Let me just stop you for a second. They didn’t know where they were located. They defied a subpoena. They didn’t know.”

Pace responded with the always weak “Yeah, well,” before she tried to explain that in some cases, the DOJ knew where the documents were located but may not have had access to them.

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Chuck Todd justifiably takes a lot of criticism, but in this case, he did exactly what he was supposed to do.

Pace (R-SC) was lying. She was pushing false information, and Chuck Todd stopped her, corrected her, and made her change her story.

The media sticking to the facts is how people will understand the difference between Biden and Trump on the handling of classified information.

The distinction between the two men is essential because Biden followed the law when the documents were found, and Trump didn’t.

At a time when the United States is fighting to preserve law and order and democracy, following the law matters.

Chuck Todd deserves credit for not allowing a House Republican to lie and muddy the difference.

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