Ukraine Needs Allies Not More Lies


CNN’s Jim Acosta took down Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin’s evil and said that Ukraine needs allies, not more lies.


Acosta said:

Lies have always been a part of Putin’s playbook in Ukraine. Back in 2014, when Russia first invaded Ukraine and Crimea, Putin initially denied Russian soldiers were behind the attack until he later said, of course, they were from his country. In his latest assault on Ukraine, Putin told the lie his troops were heading off to fight the Nazis. Then the Russians began to make the bogus claim there were u.s.-backed biolabs. There is no evidence of that. Yet some on the far right, here in the United States, have amplified these lies so effectively echoing Putin’s propaganda that they are shown regularly on Russian state television. 

The question has to be asked how could anybody in this country or anywhere around the world defend or even try to explain what Putin is doing? What Putin is doing is evil. The devastation and the carnage and the stampede of human beings out of Ukraine is all caused by one man. For the better part of the last two decades, Putin has gotten away with murder again and again. He has poisoned more than just his opposition in Russia. Putin has poisoned our world with violence and lies. And for the truth to have a fighting chance in Ukraine and, yes, even in Russia, the truth needs allies. Allies, not more lies.

Tucker Carlson and anyone else on the right who supports Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is supporting war crimes and pure evil.

The United States benefits when democracy is strong around the world. Anybody who tries to claim that the US has no interest in helping Ukraine or that the American people don’t care about Ukraine has been compromised by Putin in some way.

Jim Acosta was correct. Ukraine needs allies, not Tucker Carlson spreading more lies.

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