Twitter Suspends Newsmax WH Correspondent For Vaccine Conspiracy


Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson was suspended from Twitter for a week for claiming the COVID vaccine contains a tracer.

Keith Olbermann tweeted her tweet before Twitter removed it:

Then came the Twitter suspension:

Robinson is a White House correspondent who theoretically gets let into the White House briefing room to ask Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other government officials questions.

To understand why the DC media is so terrible, it is worth considering that a COVID vaccine conspiracy theorist can be called a White House correspondent by a fringe right-wing cable network and get the same level of access to the White House as professional journalists.

There is a lot of talk about what is broken in the United States, but the big problem is that the free press has been infested with people who in previous eras would never have been allowed near the job of White House correspondent.

The punishment from Twitter is cumulative, so if Robinson continues to spread vaccine misinformation, she could be kicked off of the platform.


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