Trump’s Tax Returns Will Be Made Public On Friday Morning


Donald Trump’s tax returns will be made public for the American people to see on Friday morning.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump’s tax returns will be made public Friday morning, according to a person familiar with the timing.

The person said Trump’s forms will be published as part of the House’s congressional record — a report that details the proceedings and debates undertaken by the chamber on a daily basis.

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The House will schedule a pro forma session for Friday where no business is conducted but the House is gaveled into session for a few minutes and the congressional record is updated.

When the House is gaveled into session, one of the Democratic members of the Ways and Means Committee will submit Trump’s tax returns to the congressional record, and then they are public.

There will be no press conference, no big release moment, just Donald Trump’s tax returns entered into the congressional record, where they will become a part of history and public for the rest of time.

There is nothing that Trump or the Republicans can do to stop the publication from happening. If Trump had released his returns as he should have, they would never have grown into the story that they have become.

Donald Trump made his tax returns a big story. With one swoop, the House will destroy his mythology and expose his potentially fraudulent financial House of cards.

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