Trump’s Nightmare Comes True As House Votes To Release His Tax Returns


The House Ways and Means Committee voted 24-16 to release six years of Trump’s tax returns within the next few days.

The New York Times reported, “After debating behind closed doors for about three hours and 20 minutes on Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled committee approved the release of six years’ worth of Mr. Trump’s tax returns 24 to 16. But it could take some time before anything is available to the public. Representative Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat on the committee, told CNN that release of the full cache of tax documents could be delayed for “a few days” in order to carry out redactions of personal information, such as Social Security numbers.”

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This is what Trump has always feared. Bits and pieces of old tax returns and documents have been released through MaryTrump turning over documents and reporting by media organizations. The Trump returns should provide the most comprehensive look at Trump’s finances and what he has been hiding for years.

The cases in New York state and Manhattan give the American people a strong hint of what Trump may have been hiding, and it could be related to fraud and financial crimes. If Trump’s tax returns reveal the same pattern of devaluing assets to lower his tax bill or avoid taxes, it could open the door for more potential criminal prosecution.

Republicans were fearmongering about the consequences of releasing Trump’s tax returns, but this is a great day for America as the tax returns are likely to contain evidence of potential criminal activity.

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