Trump’s New Social Media Platform Is Already Under Federal Investigation


Trump’s new social media venture was flagged by experts as a scheme, and the SEC is already investigating.

CNN reported:

In October, Trump announced a new media venture that would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” That new entity, chaired by the former president, agreed to go public through a merger with Digital World, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC.

In a filing Monday, Digital World Acquisition Corp. said it received a document and information request from the Securities and Exchange Commission in early November. Among other items, Digital World said the SEC request sought documents and communications between Digital World and Trump Media and Technology Group.

Trump and his partner sold shares in a venture that he had no legal requirement to complete. In other words, Trump could take the money and never have to provide the product.

They could make a big announcement, sell lots of shares, and then never have to deliver the platform. It sounds a lot like legalized theft of shareholder funds.

It is not a coincidence that wherever Donald Trump goes, crime follows.

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