Trump’s Lawyer Lies On Fox And Claims Mar-a-Lago Secure


Trump’s lawyer went on Fox News to claim that Mar-a-Lago was a secure place to house classified info.


Trump lawyer Christina Bobb said Fox News’s The Ingraham File, “Mar-a-Lago is secure in and of itself. Just getting on to the compound is hard, and then it was a locked door, and getting back down to the basement, there’s security, and only certain members of staff can get down there, and there is only one key, so yes, it is a very limited number of people who had access down there, and it was enough to where President Trump believed, or our team believed it was secure.”

Trump Does Not Have A National Security Clearance And Mar-a-Lago Has No SCIF

Mar-a-Lago is not secure enough to hold national security information because Mar-a-Lago has no SCIF, and Donald Trump does not have a national security clearance.

Bibb only said that there was security on the basement door. She doesn’t say if there were armed guards guarding the door or the security was a camera. She did say that only one key, but what was left unanswered was how many people had access to the key.

Mar-a-Lago was a well-known target for international spies. The idea that Trump’s club was secure is laughable, but even Trump’s lawyer doesn’t dispute that he stole classified information.

Trump appears to be trying to lay the groundwork for a criminal defense on charges that he mishandled classified information.

Mar-a-Lago has no SCIF. Trump has no security clearance, so there is no way that the nation’s secrets were secure and safe at Mar-a-Lago.

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