Trump Revives His War With Mitch McConnell


How can the GOP survive as currently constituted? It is a natural and needed question because while Joe Biden divides the Republican party between the fascists and the responsible small “d” democracy-seeking Republicans, Trump continues to war on the most powerful Republican in Washington, Mitch McConnell. During Trump’s Pennsylvania rally for Mehmet Oz – a man losing badly in the polls – Trump said that Mitch McConnell should be scorned. (Story Continues Below):

Trump’s problem with McConnell is the same problem Trump has with everyone who displeases him. Trump thinks that McConnell “allowed” Trump to lose in 2020. To the extent that McConnell “allowed” Trump to lose in 2020, it proves that Biden is right. McConnell wasn’t ready to go full fascist. Though, 2024 remains to be seen.

What we do know is that Trump continues to work at dividing the Republican party, and for that, we should be thankful. It is now more likely than not that the Democrats will maintain their Senate majority, especially now that Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio appear to be weakening in the polls.

If the Democrats keep Mitch McConnell in the minority in the U.S. Senate, it will be on the backs of Trump endorsements. Herschel Walker is one of the few Republicans who can lose Georgia. Mehmet Oz isn’t even from Pennsylvania and is getting hammered. Even J.D. Vance is running one of the worst campaigns in history and could give Ohio to the Democrats; a state Trump won easily.

So it is true that Trump continues to divide and narrow the Republican party. The problem is that the MAGA slice is made that much more extreme and remains robust enough to cause immense damage to the country. Oh, and – if Donald Trump were to be the Republican nominee, you can bet that McConnell will support Trump. The war will end that minute.

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