Trump Puts Out A Hit On FBI Agents Who Conducted Raid By Releasing Their Names


Trump gave the FBI warrant to Breitbart without the names of the FBI agents who conducted the raid redacted, and Breitbart published them.

Trump Sends The Message To His Supporters To Target FBI Agents

Breitbart wrote (PoliticusUSA has redacted the names), “The inventory list of what was seized—or the receipt part of the document—is three pages long and constitutes two separate receipts, one that is two pages long and another that is one page long. Both receipts were signed by Trump’s attorney Christina Bobb and dated on Monday Aug. 8, 2022, at 6:19 p.m. The longer receipt was signed by FBI Special Agent XXXX, and the shorter receipt was signed by the name: “XXXX and includes the title SSA. It is unclear who that person is, and the handwriting is not the clearest.”

The message that Trump is sending to his supporters is clear. Trump is telling his domestic terrorists and insurrectionists that these are the people who did this to him, and he wants revenge.

Trump released the names of the agents because he wants them to be targeted. What Trump and Breitbart did was an attempt to incite violence against the FBI.

It is a desperate move from a desperate man, who crossed the line by embracing actual violence on 1/6, and is now using domestic terrorism as a primary strategy.

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