Trump Proclaims Himself A Superhero As DOJ Closes In On Him


The pressure of the DOJ investigations appears to be getting to Trump, as he is now under the impression that he is a superhero.

Trump posted on his social media platform:

Yes, an ex-president posted a picture of himself as some sort of grifting Superman whose superpower appears to be financial fraud. On top of it all, Trump has lasers coming out of his eyes.

Why lasers?

Who knows.

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The image above is part of a video that will not be embedded here because doing so would give Trump’s failing social media platform attention, but the video is even crazier than the image above.

Trump’s presidential campaign 3.0 has been a disaster. He is not campaigning. He has no campaign staff. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be an actual presidential campaign.

Donald Trump has fooled the media into covering him for years with promises of a major announcement. Unless the announcement is that he is turning over all of the classified documents that he stole from the United States government, Trump has nothing newsworthy to say.

Trump has gone from running the Republican Party to overseeing a cult that specializes in propaganda that would make the regime in North Korea blush.

The DOJ poses the biggest threat of criminal prosecution that Trump has faced in his life, and so far, he is not showing signs of mentally holding up well.

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