Trump Paid More In Foreign Taxes Than US Taxes During His First Year In Office


One of the secrets revealed in Donald Trump’s tax returns is that he paid more in federal taxes to foreign governments than he paid to the United States while president in 2017.


CNN reported:

Little or no income tax, foreign bank accounts, and eyebrow-raising loans to some of his children. The House Ways and Means Committee released six years’ worth of former president Trump’s tax returns. Since the year Trump announced his first run for president 2015 through his last year in office 2020.

Previous reporting from the joint committee on taxation revealed shockingly low tax amounts paid by the former president. Including paying only $750 in 2017. And in 2018 and 2019, paying a combined $1.1 million. And pay no income tax in 2020, his final year in office. Trump offset his income by claiming millions of dollars in losses raising questions about the former president’s business failures. 

Trump was taking money from foreign governments while president. He was paying more taxes overseas than he was paying to the federal government that he was elected to run in 2017.

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The tax returns are damning because they expose the multiple levels of fraud that are the backbone of the Trump family business. Donald Trump sold himself to voters as a successful business person, but his tax returns suggest that his claims were false and he was defrauding voters.

Trump was lying to the United States by claiming large losses to avoid paying federal taxes. He was engaging in tax fraud.  Trump claimed to be putting America first while he was taking money from foreign governments. His foreign policy was a fraud.

True believers in Donald Trump will not accept any of this information. The MAGAs will line up and probably make Trump the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, but to the rest of the country, Trump’s tax returns are enough to make sure that he is soundly defeated in 2024 because Donald Trump’s tax returns disqualify him from ever being in the Oval Office again.


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