Trump Just Bumbled His Way Into Disaster On FBI Warrant


Donald Trump announced that he would not oppose the release of the FBI warrant for Mar-a-Lago.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Donald Trump thinks that the warrant will prove that he is innocent, which was the same flawed thinking behind the release of the Ukraine call that got him impeached the first time.

Trump never learns, but this time the risk isn’t impeachment It is potentially a conviction.

The failed former president has once again stepped on the rake and smacked himself in the face. Trump is a less intelligent Wile E. Coyote. Trump thinks that he is a super genius, but all of his plans blow up in his face.

Trump won’t oppose the release of the warrant, even though he probably should, especially if the FBI was looking for top secret nuclear documents.

Donald Trump is doing his best to spin this search as a break-in, even though the FBI had a warrant. As The Grateful Dead sang in Truckin’, “If you got a warrant, I guess you’re gonna come in.”

Trump’s bad judgment is finally catching up with him, and he is making it easy for the DOJ. If the warrant says what has been reported, Trump might as well start getting ready for the criminal trial.



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