Trump Hijacks A Wedding And Drops F-Bombs About Gen. Milley


Donald Trump hijacked a wedding at his club, started dropping f-bombs about Gen. Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Trump’s little rant isn’t worth repeating because it was another “sir story” where Trump paints himself as knowing more than the generals. He concluded his story by calling Milley a “f–king idiot.”

This is the behavior of a former President Of The United States. Even out of office, Trump remains a national embarrassment.

Donald Trump is best suited banished to crashing wedding where he can rant about all of his grievances and do his lounge act with his little made up stories in a place where a captive audience can give him polite laughter and applause.

Trump is mad at Milley because the General reached out to China through backdoor channels to assure them that the United States would not allow Trump to start a  war after he lost the election.

The 2020 election defeat has served to make Trump even more incoherent and self-obsessed than he was before.

People who have worked closely with him, like Gen. John Kelly, say that Trump will not run again, but if he does, the failed twice impeached and once defeated former president is showing that he the biggest threat to domestic security in the United States.


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