Trump Helps Democrats In Disastrous Georgia Rally


Trump’s rally in Georgia was a gift to Democrats as he came into the state to further divide the Republican Party.


Trump said:

But before we can defeat the Democrats, socialists and communists, which is exactly what we’re running against the ballot boxes fall we first have to defeat the RINOs, sellouts and the losers in the primaries this spring. We have a big primary coming out. Right here in your state. We’re going to throw out a very, very said situation that took place here. RINO governor Brian Kemp. And we’re going to replace him with a very strong person and a fearless fighter and somebody that frankly got screwed in the last election.

David Perdue never lost his life. Unlike Kemp’s camping buddy, Brad Raffensperger David Perdue will never surrender to Stacey Abrams and the militant radical left not going to happen with your vote. We’re going to rescue the state of Georgia from the RINOs. We’re going to rescue your state from the radical left, and then we’re going to really make America great again.

Trump doesn’t care if David Perdue wins in November. Perdue is his weapon to show his power against Brian Kemp. Trump doesn’t care about the Republican Party. He wants revenge for losing Georgia in 2020.

Republicans in the state have been warning for nearly two years that Trump is tearing apart the Republican Party and his acts of sabotage against people that he feels did him wrong could cost Republicans in November.

Donald Trump could be repeating his mistakes of 2020 and in the process handing Georgia to the Democrats in 2022.

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