Trump Held A Media Availability At Mar-a-Lago And All Of The Networks Blew Him Off


Trump still thinks he will get tons of free cable news coverage, but when he held a media availability at Mar-a-Lago, none of the networks showed up.

The story:

As we detailed elsewhere, Trump’s New Year’s message was a total meltdown, and he spent his party complaining about how lousy everything is in the United States. 

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Trump is so detached from reality that he thought the media would come running if he announced that he would talk to them at his private club. Well, talk to them is not exactly correct. Trump talks at the media.

Why would the media rush to cover anything that Trump has to say? He has been telling the same lies for years. His act is stale, and he appears to be a presidential candidate in technicality only.

If he ever actually campaigns, Donald Trump will get some coverage, but this isn’t 2016 anymore. Trump doesn’t move ratings for anyone, including Fox News, and without Fox, it is difficult to see the former president getting any media coverage.

Trump, just like Norma Desmond in the 1950 Hollywood classic Sunset Boulevard, is ready for his close-up, but the cameras and public attention have long since departed.



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